Art and Goings On

I’ve been meaning to update my blog with some recent goings on, but it’s tough to make the time. But now I looked and was shocked to see that it has been since August that I last posted. So, now it is time for a recap. First, my journey continues with work from the RMNP residency this summer. I’m done sending most of the rewards, but now I’m working away at the two most labor intensive: the ebook and photo book. The exciting thing is that it is a blast working with the images and they’re turning out really well. I can’t wait to see them completed and in print!

Next, a couple of weeks ago I began another teaching residency through the Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts. I’m in a different school than before, working with different 3rd grade students and teachers, so there is a bit of a learning curve, but I’m very excited about the project we’re working on for the full 9 weeks. We’re doing a foam plate, 3 color, reduction print of each of their self-portraits. Once their done they’ll be scanned in and turned into a huge banner that the school will use. The whole project generally relates to the Big Read project book, “Goin’ Someplace Special”. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying myself and the kids always keep things lively. Below are just a handful of the 90 or so student portraits that they are making their plates from.

And last, just a bit of good news I got last night. I submitted my work to the NJ Educators juried show at the Markeim in Haddonfield. I was awarded second place, which is great, and I also sold one piece, twice! (That is, one person bought it and another asked if I could make a second print) That’s a win in my book.

And looking forward, I’ve got some interesting job stuff lining up for the future, but I don’t want to count any chickens just yet, so I’ll keep you waiting until further notice.


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