Park Trails – the game

I’m excited to announce that Park Trails, my National Park themed card game, is now in alpha testing! This means I’ve ordered an official copy to be printed. Once I get it in about a week, I’ll do a final review of all the cards and rules, and then the real work begins: contacting vendors.

The Cool Factors:

  • Real parks, roads and trails used from the National Parks.
  • Each card is unique, and uses the actual topographic map for that trail.

I’m not finished filling out the store front yet, but you’re welcome to take a look at where you can order it. As soon as I get a physical copy in my hand, I’ll be adding some product shots and making a short tutorial video. You can also see some images and learn a little more about it on my website,

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve got a notebook that is growing ever thicker with game ideas, so it feels good to finally complete one and get it completely production ready. On to my next design! Oh, yeah, and getting ready for the upcoming semester.

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