Northward Planning

My time in Acadia is drawing so near! I’m torn with being so excited I just want to dig through and organize all my gear and being overwhelmed with all the work I need to do to get ready….. ok, I’ll just be excited.

I’ve been toying with all kinds of different possible subject matter and image making techniques that I want to focus on while I’m there, in hopes of not needing to bring absolutely everything I own with me. But of course, the fear is “what if?”. Like what if I don’t bring (or rent in my case) a decent telephoto lens and then I stumble upon a bear or moose or whale?!?! But despite this innate fear, I am deciding to travel as light as possible. There are advantages to being somewhat limited in possibilities. I have actually discovered that if you try to capture everything, you normally don’t do it very well, plus you can suck the fun out of the experience.

So I just need to decide what limited tools I’m bringing…

DSLR, 24-105 lens, 85mm lens, macro extension tubes, pinhole lens, led lights, intervalometer, polarizer filter, ND filter set, heavy tripod, light tripod, point n shoot camera, stereo bracket, smartphone mount, smartphone equipment, shotgun mic, gopro, gopro accessories…..

limited, limited…


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