Good Morning from Acadia

We made it here at 2:45 yesterday afternoon, in just about 11 hours of travel, which isn’t bad considering a 4 year old and a 8 month old. We set up our home base for the next couple weeks in our apartment at the Schoodic Institute and then headed down to Schoodic Point to watch the waves crash. It’s a mesmerizing place and there is so much to explore in and amongst the rocky shoreline.

Our apartment is cozy and perfect. It’s got a small kitchen and dining area, a living room (where Jed is sleeping) and of course a bedroom. It’s just the kind of place to drink hot cups of tea or coffee in the mornings before we head out for the day, and to kick back and rest with a cup of hot chocolate after a full day of exploring.

My first impressions of the landscape? There are a lot of similarities to the Burren in Ireland. The juxtaposition of water and rock in this northern climate is striking in both locations. However, there are some key differences too that I think will make it even more fun to explore. The Maine stone has a lot more color to it, pinks and greens and blues. Also, the scrubby pine forest is pushed up as close as it can be to the water, whereas in Ireland, there were really no trees to speak of near the water’s edge. All this to say, it has many of the great things that keep me daydreaming about Ireland, plus some nuances of its own. I can’t wait to get hiking.

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