Embracing Being Back

I’ve been home for a week and a half now, after spending 2 weeks in the park. It’s hard to admit to reality after you’ve had the opportunity of living in an ideal place. I’ve been so busy getting back into the regular flow of work and teaching that I have not edited a single image on my camera yet.

However, I have been editing and posting a lot of the images I took with my phone, and I’ve been very pleased with how they came out. Iphones are truly amazing devices, and pairing them with a little photography ingenuity and know-how can yield some incredible results. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my phone as a camera because I definitely shoot a different kind of image with it than with my dslr. It’s the same reason that I like shooting with large format cameras or pinhole cameras; the device itself causes me to shoot different images.

My Instagram Simple

So if you haven’t seen any of my instagram shots, you can find me @bpanter. Now as I find time I’ll start editing my dslr shots, the plus side of which is that I get to re-live the whole experience again and again.

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