Camden County Cultural & Heritage Commission Gallery

Just a small update about my first show as curator at the CCC&HC gallery (new name pending, hopefully). It was my first experience being directly involved in a show that scale, 150 works of art, and it was also the first where I got to be involved in every aspect of what goes on behind the scenes in an open call type show. For now I’ll just post some photos and leave you with one impression I had.

So, one insight I had through the process of the show has to do with the jurying process of open call shows. I’ve submitted to many similar shows on various themes, and whenever I’ve had work not accepted it is tempting to think that the jurors either had some predisposition against the work or that they simply didn’t give a very detailed analysis of the work. I am happy to say that, at least if the jurying process I witnessed first hand is any kind of standard, neither of those could be further from the truth. The two jurors (David Sipple and Carol Taylor-Kearny) spent hours pouring over one piece after another (remember, all 150 of them) and it was obvious by the care and seriousness with which they approached their job that they really wanted to select work that they not only liked, but that merited recognition in the larger context of the show. All that to say that it reassured me for the next time I enter an open call that the work receives fair consideration.

CV Update

Nothing more exciting than a resume update, right?! Hopefully you’re sensing the sarcasm here, although, in this case I am rather proud of what the updates are. As you may be aware, I just finished up my residency with the Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts, so that was item #1 that I needed to add to my “Residencies & Visiting Artist Engagements” section.

Second, my application to the Artscape Toronto, Gibraltar Point residency was accepted (I’ll be going this summer). I’m really looking forward to having some dedicated work time. Artscape does have a darkroom and in my proposal I said I’d be working on large-scale cyanotype prints. There are still a lot of details to figure out, but it should be an awesome experience, and so I’m preemptively adding it to the same section on my CV as above.

The Residency is on an island in Lake Ontario, only connected to Toronto by ferry.

Finally, and perhaps most significantly, I am adding a new line to my “Professional Experience” section. I was recently contacted by the Camden County Cultural & Heritage Commission and hired as the gallery curator. The gallery does several shows a year, mostly open calls, and uses space in one of Camden County College’s buildings in Blackwood. It will start out with a lot of organizational stuff, collecting work and then of course working with jurors and lots of hanging. Most of the shows are repeated annually, but hopefully at some point I’ll get a chance to really form an exhibit from scratch. But no matter the case, it is an awesome opportunity and I’m excited to be filling out my skill set in this area.

I’ve got 4 or 5 shows that I plan on submitting work to on the horizon, so hopefully I’ll be adding more to my CV shortly.