3rd Street Gallery: Work on a Timeline

This month I’ve had the awesome privilege of having my work in a group show at 3rd Street Gallery in Philly. It’s a Rutgers Camden Department of Fine Arts Faculty and Alumni show, and the cool thing is, I’m now in the faculty category (my first class teaching for Rutgers starts up in just a few weeks). I unfortunately couldn’t make the opening because I was teaching my Art 101 class at RCBC, so today Melissa, the boys and I took the PATCO in to see the show and listen to a couple lectures.

Rutgers Faculty Show at 3rd Street Gallery, Philly

First, off, it is really a great show. I was honored to be a part of it from the get go, but I guess it’s been a while since I’ve seen a lot of the faculty’s work in person. They are really fantastic artists (and individuals) and I was reminded of how so many of them impacted my own work.

Bruce Garrity and Ken Hohing are the two professors who I’ve kept in contact with in particular over the years, and they were delivering their lectures today. While I was excited to hear them speak, I wasn’t really planning on hearing anything new because, well, I’ve heard them speak quite a lot over the years. But here again, I was blown away at the quality of the lectures they both presented. They both spoke at length in particular about who influenced them throughout their histories, leading to how their work is where it is today.

I really appreciated the perspective of their current practice not as a grand culmination of some kind, but as simply the most recent occurrence in the evolution of their work. It was really a wider view of their art practice, almost on a timeline, on which we are somewhere in the middle.

So I have two take aways from today:

  1. Stop getting hung up on trying to find “my work” and just keep making, because I think at the core, being a creator is more important to the process than what in particular is being created at any given moment.
  2. I really need to start creating a library of artists and images that I feel are my influences. Not so I can copy them better (although, would that be a bad thing?) but so I can more easily put my finger on the concepts I’m working though by referring to artists that have already been there.

So,  if you were asked, would you be able to easily list your top 10 influences?

Art and Goings On

I’ve been meaning to update my blog with some recent goings on, but it’s tough to make the time. But now I looked and was shocked to see that it has been since August that I last posted. So, now it is time for a recap. First, my journey continues with work from the RMNP residency this summer. I’m done sending most of the rewards, but now I’m working away at the two most labor intensive: the ebook and photo book. The exciting thing is that it is a blast working with the images and they’re turning out really well. I can’t wait to see them completed and in print!

Next, a couple of weeks ago I began another teaching residency through the Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts. I’m in a different school than before, working with different 3rd grade students and teachers, so there is a bit of a learning curve, but I’m very excited about the project we’re working on for the full 9 weeks. We’re doing a foam plate, 3 color, reduction print of each of their self-portraits. Once their done they’ll be scanned in and turned into a huge banner that the school will use. The whole project generally relates to the Big Read project book, “Goin’ Someplace Special”. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying myself and the kids always keep things lively. Below are just a handful of the 90 or so student portraits that they are making their plates from.

And last, just a bit of good news I got last night. I submitted my work to the NJ Educators juried show at the Markeim in Haddonfield. I was awarded second place, which is great, and I also sold one piece, twice! (That is, one person bought it and another asked if I could make a second print) That’s a win in my book.

And looking forward, I’ve got some interesting job stuff lining up for the future, but I don’t want to count any chickens just yet, so I’ll keep you waiting until further notice.

A Show and a Jury

I was recently in the Faculty and Alumni show at the BCC Student Gallery (if you haven’t been, it’s a really nice space, right on the main street of Mount Holly). I had several pieces in, some of which were quite a bit older, from before grad school even. But, lo and behold, one of them sold! In all honesty, I had all my work priced to sell (because storing artwork is not as much fun as making new work) but it’s always nice to be appreciated in monetary form. I am especially glad to see this piece go because it is a huge pain to cart around.

It is on of the ones from my “wild NJ” series, and measures around 70 inches wide. I am a big fan of the panoramic effect and of the tones I managed to portray, but getting it in and out of a car was a real trick. So, we are happily parted.

I also was recently asked to jury the “Best of 2015” show at the Student Works Gallery of Rutgers. It is really an honor to be asked and a lot of fun to do. It was my first time jurying via digital images, which did make some decisions more challenging, but in general it was a great experience. Then, yesterday I went to the opening, got to see the work in the space in person, and announce the awards. The students who are currently running the gallery are doing a great job, and I can’t say enough good about Ken Hohing and Bruce Garrity who are the faculty advisors for the gallery. They’re really great at helping students get the most out of their experience. I am very grateful to them for their guidance  and investment through my college years and I hope I can do the same for my students.

Year’s End Looming

It is absolutely crazy how quickly this semester has gone. It seems like I’ve barely spent any time with my black and white photography students, and suddenly there are only 4 weeks of class left! Not that they (and I) haven’t been working like crazy. I think I just forgot that is how it feels for a once a week class. But I’m proud of the work they’re starting to produce and I think I can expect great things as we gear up to the final project.

I am also excited to announce that I am listed on an Art Appreciation class for the Spring semester at BCC. I’ve never taught a class like this before, so it should be a learning experience. And even though I’m pretty sure I’ll always prefer studio classes, I am looking forward to what that new experience will bring. I am also hopeful that another Black and White Photography class will open up at BCC, and supposedly an online class that I proposed for Rutgers is going to be listed as well. Right now I’ve just started a 6 week online class training course using Blackboard. All this to say, if all of this goes through, I’m up for a busy next semester.

Recently I’ve been putting in a little time towards figuring out where I could apply for my next residency. I’ve been checking out the residencies offered in various national parks across the country and have decided to apply for a few. The first one (which I’ve already submitted) is for Rocky Mountain National Park’s centennial celebration. I’m also considering applying to Mesa Verde and Isle Royale, along with a couple others that seem like they could be a good fit. Wish me luck.

Finally, I’ve recently been in a exhibition with some fellow Moore Alumnae at the MC3 Gallery in Blue Bell, PA. It is an awesome space and I was really excited about being able to show some of the work from my Toronto residency. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the opening, but they’ve sent a few shots that hopefully give a little sense of the gallery and my work.

Mildly Successful

I’ve had a few nice things happen recently that are nice little shots in the arm that make me at least feel like I have at least mild professional success.
First, today I had a phone interview with Moore Magazine, from Moore College of Art and Design. I am to be included in their fall issue which will focus on careers. It is of course an honor to be included (they put out a fantastic publication) but it was especially nice to essentially brag a little about myself. I realized somewhere in the middle of the interview that I’ve had a pretty good year professionally. So good, in fact, that it was hard to keep all of my various pursuits in mind. It’s always nice to be interviewed and actually be excited to share what’s going on. As a side note, I’ve also confirmed that I’m a terrible phone interviewee (I’m a “pacer”, seriously, I probably walked a couple miles), so no promises on the quality of the article that will result, though I have faith in their editors.

You can view past issues of Moore Magazine on their site.

I also am excited because I was hired as an adjunct professor of photography at Burlington County College. I actually just returned home from their new adjunct orientation event. I’ll be teaching Photo 1 in the darkroom (which I have taught before at Camden County College). I’m glad to be back in the college setting after a little break and looking forward to a great semester in the darkroom. What Fun! Now I just have to set up my syllabus and figure out how I’ll organize my semester.

Finally, I was accepted into an exhibition at Yell Gallery. I’ll be showing a piece I made a couple years back but never exhibited. It is always such a positive feeling when your work is accepted, I hope that never gets old (and of course, that it continues)

“Christina”, from the Social Portraits Series

Been Busy…

So, I’ve been busy. It doesn’t always feel like I’m getting much done, but every once in a while I get the chance to take a step back and look at what I actually have going for me or in the works, and recently, I’ve been impressing myself a little. Of course, I can take little credit for a good part of it, but still, it feels nice to be going “somewhere”, wherever that may be.
Not too long ago I was included in Creative Quarterly 32’s digital gallery (still viewable here) for one of my “Social Portait” series works. Just recently I got work into a little show at 110 Church Gallery in Philly called Ritual (see my work here).I’ll be going to either the first friday opening on the 6th or the Artist Reception on the 14th. (Also, Melissa has a collaborative project with her students in the show. YAY!) I’ve got two shows I’ll be working towards submitting to in the near future as well, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
But that’s not all. I was invited by Rutgers to take part in an arts residency in a Camden school. The project is photography and textile based and will end up permanently installed in the school entryway. It’s an awesome opportunity and I’m super excited to get started next week. As an added bonus, Rutgers has a second residency opportunity in the works, so hopefully I’ll get two under my belt before too long.
And last but certainly not least, I was asked to write curriculum for two online classes that, should they get approved, I would teach at Rutgers. I have one of the curriculums already submitted, and the other is in the works. I have no idea of the time frame for approval, but I think both would be for the fall semester.
So, that’s what going on for me. Staying busy.

Work at Rutgers

Today I visited Rutgers to talk in a “Artists in Society” class, essentially giving my experience post – undergrad as well as talking about the progression of my work from undergrad through grad school. I talked, answered some questions… it was really fun. When I think about how much I didn’t know and hadn’t even thought about when I was in their shoes, I know that there is a lot of information I have that could help them out. I was invited by the professor, Ken Hohing, (my mentor from my Rutgers years) and hopefully I’ll return in a few weeks to help in a guest critique of one of his advanced photography classes. 
I also have some work up at Rutgers right now in the main lobby of the Library. Bruce Garrity asked to use my work and hopefully it will be up until the summer at least. Included is a piece from the collection of the Stedman Gallery and one from the Camden County Cultural Heritage Commision. It is work that I did while a senior at Rutgers, so it’s not as exciting as having current work up, but still it’s nice to be recognized. They even wrote a little bio about me. So, if you’re in the neighborhood of RU, check it out.

Upcoming Shows in the New Year

Well, in the midst of applying, which at least for me is a grueling task at its best, I was able to submit to a number of shows over the past few months. I didn’t get into them all, or hear back from them all yet, but I am happy to report that I had work accepted into two venues. One is at the Camden County Cultural & Heritage Commission’s (formerly known as the Hopkins House Gallery) 38th Annual Juried Exhibition. I have been in this show in years past, but I am especially pleased this year because it gave me incentive to get some new work finished and out into the world. Plus this is at a new location, so its nice to be in new territory. The work I got into the show is titled “Glass Hive” (it’s still a work in progress, as is the title) and incorporates a sculptural/photo installation element as well as lights and glass images. It was fun to make and I definitely plan to expand on it once this show is done. I’ll be sure to post some photos of the piece in the gallery space once I have them. The show opens this friday, Jan. 18th from 6-8. I’ll be there if you want to join me.
The second venue was completely new, at the Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, Oregon. The show I got into was called “Photography at the Edge”, looking specifically for work that is on the fringe of standard photographic processes. My piece, Jen (pictured below, left), from the social portrait series got in. I’m glad I could be a part of this show and add another state to my list of places shown.

Jen, from the social portrait series
Inkjet print, 44×57 in, 2012

Finally, I was recently contacted by the Stedman Gallery at Rutgers University requesting some of my work to show in the Library entrance. All I can say is it’s great to be remembered. I’m not sure when exactly that work will be up, but I was told it would probably be soon. So hopefully that can all get sorted out smoothly.

That is all for now. Hopefully I’ll get some more good news soon, not just about exhibition opportunities, but also about some employment opportunities.