Today I got to work on some rewards for my wonderful kickstarter backers. I will be sending out about 32 5×7 cyanotype prints and today I was able to print about half of them. It was rainy and windy all morning, making printing impossible, but the afternoon cleared up beautifully and I got a lot done. Originally I had been hoping to make contact prints of aquatic plants, very similar to Anna Atkins, however it just couldn’t happen. First, the only readily available plant I’ve seen are lily pads (and I really don’t want to make that many prints of only lily pads). And second, the time is just too short to get the plants dry enough to print.
So instead I formulated another plan of attack, and I’m pretty happy about the results. More details to come.

Kickstarter Thanks: Round 3

It’s been another incredible week for my Kickstarter campaign. We are now officially at 172% funding with $1,035 raised and still another 7 days to go! Thank you so much. I never would have imagined all your support and now I’m actually hopeful that I’ll meet my second stretch goal of $1,200.

In this third “thank you” post I’d like to especially thank the following backers:

  • Sara Reid
  • Steven Landau
  • Marlys Schneider
  • Mandy Wax
  • Jim Diercks

Thank you all so much, your support means the world to me and makes this project more than just a dream. And thank you also to my earlier backers, I’m getting excited not only for the journey, but for the great things I’ll be creating for you while there.

As always, if you’ve got any friends you think would be interested in jumping on in support, send ‘em to my page,

Kickstarter Thank You: Round 2

It’s time to thank some more backers, and I’m super excited for this particular group because they are the ones that pushed me past 100% funding! Thank you so much, I couldn’t have reached my goal without each one of your backings.

  • Jason Galloway
  • Lisa Riefer
  • Brian Santillo
  • Timothy P. Marks
  • Ian Rinestine
  • Phil Sylvester
  • Ryan King
  • Gary DeWulf

In case you missed my update on the Kickstarter page, once I reached the $600 mark I put together a small $100 stretch goal. That money will go toward a pinhole lens for  my digital camera and an intervalometer for the purpose of doing some low-light pinhole photography work when the sun isn’t bright enough to be doing cyanotype (which is strictly a 9-3ish activity, especially when as far north as Canada). The awesome thing is, that new goal was surpassed before I even officially posted it to my Kickstarter project page! So right now the project is 131% funded, or $790. That’s great news! And even better, we still have 15 days left, so I’ve released a second stretch goal.

This stretch goal is for an additional $500 ($1200 total) that would be used to pay for travel, room & board expenses related to this residency.  This will allow the residency to be payed for by generous supporters rather than through money I’ve been saving towards my art practice. And the exciting part of that is that instead I can use that money that I’ve saved and put it towards my future artistic practice, such as new work, submission fees or attending a seminar. So, essentially  this is not only supporting this residency, but also my regular studio practice and artistic pursuits.
Thank you again  to all my backers, your support is greatly appreciated.

Kickstarter Thanks: Round 1

Well, my project has been live for 5 days and its already 72% funded! This is so exciting, but there’s still more to go, so if you’re interested in supporting my project and getting some great rewards, go do it now.

And now, I’ve got some big thanks to give out.

  • Ashley Blair
  • David W. White
  • James J. Brown Jr.
  • Laura Petrovich-Cheney
  • Philip Roberts

Thank you all so much for supporting me and my project. You all are making this happen and I can’t be grateful enough! Thank you!

I also wanted to give an extra special shout out to my friends Laura Petrovich-Cheney and Philip Roberts.
Laura is a fellow New Jersey Artist and a former classmate of mine at Moore. I highly recommend checking out her blog at
Phil is also a friend of mine and a small business owner here in South Jersey. If you’re a fan of handmade, real wood tables and other furniture I recommend checking out what he has to offer at

Kickstarter – Toronto Residency

Cyanotype Photography Series – Residency in Toronto

Well, my residency this summer to Toronto is fast approaching, and tonight, I just launched my first Kickstarter project aimed at raising $600 to buy the supplies I need for my proposed project. It’s really an exciting process, and regardless of the outcome, it fills you with a certain kind of hope about the possibilities that an intelligent use of the Web afford the entrepreneurial and the artistic. So check it out, find a reward you like, show some support and share it with others you think may be interested.

Cyanotype Photography Series – Residency in Toronto