New Year Restart: Short and Sweet

I’ve been insanely busy over the past few months, but in a good way. I unfortunately don’t have enough time to share everything that has been going on right now, but I wanted to at least do a kick-off post for 2015 with some good news I just got in the mail. It was a contract from Rutgers University, hiring me as a part time lecturer for the department of fine art. Specifically I will be developing an online photography course over the next month or so and then will teach it starting in the summer! There is of course a lot more that has been going on around here and a lot more I could talk about with this opportunity, but that will all have to wait until my next post.

I’m in the News

A couple weeks ago the Philadelphia Inquirer interviewed me and Brad (a Masters in Art Education student) for being the first males to attend Moore. The article is an interesting read and it was great to be seen in the paper (some guy in the parking garage even recognized me!). The funny thing is that the reporter seemed to be searching for some underlying conflict about our presence at a school with an all female undergrad, which as far as anyone can tell, just doesn’t exist. He kept asking me why I would choose Moore (seemingly fishing for an angle), but I just told him that it is a school with a great reputation and that it offered exactly what I was looking for in an MFA program. Personal, International, Lots of Resources, Great Facilities… and Moore. haha

[by] ben