Ben is Google-able!

If you forget the url to Ben’s site, you can now google “ben panter photographer” and it will be the first result! “Ben panter photography” will give you the site as the second result, and “ben panter art” as the fourth.

Many of the other links will be about Ben as well, though of course there are many other Ben Panters in the world, too. Some of the links that apply are: the Inquirer’s article, DonBrewerMultimedia’s blog about both my and Ben’s inclusion in Photo Op Op Op at the Hopkins House of Contemporary Art, Ben’s acceptance into the Center for Fine Art Photography’s ‘Low Tech’ exhibition, and our presentation at the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity after being recipients of the Dean’s Undergraduate Research grants.

[by] melissa
praise God who holds in his hand our life and all our ways

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