Adventure on the Near Horizon

I got some exciting news this past weekend! Both Melissa and I were accepted as artists in residence at Catoctin Mountain Park this summer. It’s always such a painful waiting game when you apply for things like this, but we got the good news and now we’ve got to start planning because it’s not that far away.

I’m particularly excited about this opportunity because it represents some things that feel familiar and others that will cover new ground. The familiar is the 2 week residency in a wilderness setting. I’m fortunate enough to have done several residencies over the past few years that follow a similar format, and it will be a welcome return of 2 weeks dedicated to nothing but art making.

The new will be the experience of a residency at the State Park level. I’ve had residencies at both Rocky Mountain and Acadia national parks, and I think the smaller scale (and crowds) of the state park will be a refreshing change. And of course there is still a lot about the specifics that I don’t know. We’ll get a cabin in the park for 2 weeks, and there will be at least 1 educational program in there somewhere, but aside from that, there’s still much to be discovered. Exciting times!

One of those things to be learned is much more about what the park has to offer. One interesting thing that I already know is that the presidential retreat Camp David is inside the boundaries of the park. Crazy! Aside from that, lots of a Appalachian goodness to explore, but I’m sure I’ll earn more as we get closer.

And one other side note, this week both Melissa and I are in a Handmade Prints show at the Markeim Arts Center in Haddonfield. I got a couple large cyanotypes in and Melissa got 3 lino prints in. Fun, fun!


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